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Waterfowl finishing systems was created in 2019 by myself, Jon Koregelos. We are a custom-build-only manufacturer of decoy spread management systems. Our company goals are to produce and make only products that work well... extremely well.


The company stems from an idea that came to me while trying to figure out how to irrigate swamp timothy with a shortage of water for flooding the pond. Once I determined I had to sprinkle irrigate the swamp timothy, which works great by the way, it all fell into place. I simply would use a small orchard style irrigation system, or spray system, to pressurize water and connect it to a system of decoys to create movement by driving the decoys, creating splashing, and ripples very similar to that of live birds. This would eliminate the need for separate batteries for each unit, separate motors in each unit, electrical issues, tangling of debris with moving parts, make it dog-friendly, suitable for shallow water, and just made sense. It would allow for control of each decoy to come from a single point which, in my opinion, is necessary. A significant number of decoys could then be hooked into the system to really make a difference.


Having hunted ducks and geese extensively my whole life, I knew I was on to something big. After undergoing the patent application process and receiving patent-pending I was off to the races testing and revamping my ideas into a product that is truly customizable for what it does and can do.


I’ve built the system the way I would want it, to last. I wanted a fast set up, easy to use, durable spare no expense overbuilt system which would not be a problem in the pond. That I feel I have done. Also, I knew birds acted differently depending much on weather conditions, temperature, time of day and I would have to develop a decoy spread management system like no other, although it is the only one that can do what it does.

I tend to keep the splashing lower and more swimming and ripple action from the decoys and a few sprayers works great on calm sunny days from testing the system on live birds.


Windy days are a whole new look; it's all about splash and spray. Most importantly, drive by the closed zone and look. See what the birds are doing in your area under your conditions and match that. I’ve run the system as high as 45 lbs. pressure with excellent results and spray six feet in the air. It all depends on the rest of your setup and the weather. What I have found to work best is to concentrate on a group of decoys swimming, splashing, and making ripples in the kill hole right in front of the blind. If you go big then the rest of the strings should also have some action, but a concentration in the kill hole is important. With hundreds of spray nozzle offerings, and virtually a large array of pressures you can run the system at, and a fully customizable ball and socket bracket for setting spray nozzle positions, you can do everything from drive decoys, mud up the pond bottom, or spray all types of patterns and give off about any look you want. I’ve also included two balls for sockets on the front bracket for future products.


Planning allows for a more versatile product, and a more effective one too, where future generation products can be added to the same brackets and lure lines. I built the system for those who are giving back to the birds and deserve an advantage. Landowners who are putting in dollars for habitat certainly know what we spend, and I believe this product, although expensive due to its construction, will find its niche market quickly and will be around for years of use. Remember it's much like two guys throwing a swim-bait for bass. Same rod, same bait, different results, big time. You put the time in to learn the system and know how to run it for the conditions your hunting, there will be a payoff. It does require setting the nozzles for the day from swim to spray as necessary, but I think you’ll find its all quick, easy, painless work.


This company is built around what I want to hunt over, and I don’t expect it to be for everyone as it’s a numbers game and the movement must be right. Too fast for the day usually is the culprit in the system not performing, so start slow and work your way up to higher pressures as you learn to adjust nozzles and give it the look of the day. All the components we use to achieve results are built to last and I have selected what I feel are the very best inputs I could find. With much time invested, keeping it working for a long time is important to me and there are no corners to cut other than going consumer-direct for your best price. All our future generation products will be designed to be compatible with the system.


Good luck and please share your experiences with us. We are taking decoy spread management to a new level.

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